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[Update] The Third Age v7.1.0 02/11 @ 01:00-03:00 Server Time

TTA V7.0 will be released on February 11, 2020. The update will start at 1:00 AM server time, lasting about 2 hours.

Update time:

02/11 01:00-03:00 Server Time


1. Subgoal (Friday & Saturday phases) add global BUFF: increase Recruitment Fort cap x10;

2. Players who enter the paragon clash will receive a “Paragon Pack”;


1. Optimization of solo challenge function ;

2. Optimization of paragon clash rules;

3. During paragon clash, the ceasefire time of the Fourth Age was adjusted (the time is 10 am to 10 pm);

4. In the paragon clash, the movement time between cities was adjusted;

5.Optimization of the command post dispatch, siege orders and defensive orders in the paragon clash;

6.Optimization of the display of winner of the previous Paragon Clash ;

7. Remove winter decorations on interface.