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[Update] The Third Age New Version 7.11.0


New Server WarPower Ranking

1. The war power ranking starts on the third day after each new server is opened and ends on the 7th day

2. The ranking is only ranked in this server

3. Only those with war power greater than 150,000 can enter the rankings. Ranking rewards are distributed via email.

4. You can get the latest ranking data every time you open the ranking interface

5. The ranking of war power includes hero, tech, building, mount, lover and rank, excluding current soldiers.

War Power Details

Add a new button to show the sum of the current level of war power of this type, including:

1. Building war power

2. Techs war power

3. Hero war power

4. Partner war power

5. Mount war power

6. Rank war power

7. Troops war power

Volume Control

Added volume control function in the setting window:

1. After checking "Close", the progress bar is grayed out and the volume is turned off.

2. Drag the slider to increase or decrease the corresponding volume according to the drag position. You can also drag the grayed-out progress bar, "Close" will change from checked to unchecked, and the volume is turned on at the same time.

Pass Event


1. Add a building as the entrance of the pass. Click to open the pass event interface. If it is not during the opening period, the countdown will be displayed.

2. In a season, players can obtain experience points after completing certain tasks. Accumulate experience points to upgrade the pass level, and you can receive rewards after reaching the specified level.

3. There are two types of rewards, one is available to all players, and the other is unlocked by purchasing a premium pass or ultimate pass.

4. After a season is over, the next season will be opened after several days.

Premium Pass & Ultimate Pass

1. Unlock by purchasing a gift pack

2. Players only have one chance to choose the Advanced Pass or the Ultimate Pass. After the selection is completed, they can only use this kind of permission this season.

3. You can directly upgrade the pass level by using props,

Level purchase

1. You can directly upgrade the pass level through props

2. The items are only applicable to this season and will be deleted immediately after the end of this season.

3. The props are obtained through the purchase of gift packages.


Add Time Info to the Rebel Camp

1. Add two times in the rebel camp interface. One is the entire duration of the rebel camp event; the other is the countdown to the current camp status.

2. When the rebel camp is not open, the bulletin board of the rebel camp inside the bell will display a countdown of the next opening time of the rebel camp, accurate to the second.

Unrecruited Hero Display Quality

In the not recruited hero interface, the hero's quality is displayed in the lower right corner of the hero.

Monster Filter

Added a filter button in the quick positioning interface. After clicking, the monster filtering interface will be called to set up. When you click search, a specific search will be performed according to the set filtering conditions.