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The Third Age v6.8 version

Update time: 

August 25, 2019 22:00-0:00 (26th) EDT


1. New Hero - Rose Gallant.

2. New System - Mounts: Four new Mounts for four types of troops. Enhance the Mounts to improve the troops’ stats.

3. New Feature - Mount Challenge: Challenge and obtain Mount Enhance items.

4. New Feature - Wild Monsters: 10 new types of Wild Monster in the world map. Players can use Movement to dispatch troops.

5. New Feature - World Boss: New world Boss for all players with Castle Level 5 or above to challenge at a set time. Players can also purchase items with Gems to help with the battle.

6. New Feature - Quick Resources Refill: Refill your Resources automatically, needs the player’s confirmation to proceed.

7. New Feature - Quick Position: Added "Quick Position”, players can now locate estates and wild monsters, find event monsters and raid estates.

8. New Feature - Quick Battle: Hero Trials adds Quick Battle, players can now choose the battle speed.

9. New Feature - Tavern added Hero Display: Preview possible Heroes from Banquet.

10. New Feature - Quick Build: Added Quick Build in all Building Details, quickly upgrade Building Levels.

11. New Feature - Added Nations' Candidates List in Guild: Easier for Vizier to see the player's Guild

12. New Feature - 2 New Shops: Added Gear Shop and Hero Shop.

13. New Items - Added Hero Spirit and Gear Essence: Use Hero Spirit to exchange for Hero Chips and Gear Essence for Gear Chips.

14. New Pack: SS Hero Pack becomes visible when VIP level requirement is met.


1. Hero Skills adjustments: Wild Bandit and Nocht King.

2. Hero's Battle Skills adjustments: Broadfoot, Corrupt Halfling and Wyrm Slayer.

3. Recharge Pack adjustments.

4. Merchant Ship will now unlock at Castle Level 5.

5. Hero queue has changed to Flying queue, shortening the required time for Mobilization.

6. Daily Events provide more Training Speed-up items.

7. Hero Challenge adjustments.

8. Added time limit for rename related items, player will need to consume Gems if no Rename Card is available.

9. Blitz optimisations: Now with Blitz All, blitz will be based on the player's current Stamina and required Crest Materials.

10. Adjusted the exchangeable items in Arena Shop. Arena Coins can now be exchanged for Hero Chips and Heroic Badges can now exchanged for Gear Chips. Arena Shop will no longer be able to refresh the exchange item list using Gems.

11. The Wheel of Fate: The Wheel of Fate open for 2 more rounds and the Pack purchase/exchange gateway will be closed. Please, keep an eye on future announcements on this event.