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New Version 7.9.0

Updates in New Version 7.9.0

Slot game

Event rules: 

1.During the event, you can get the event item "Golden Bean" by purchasing the pack;

2.Consume "Golden Bean" for slot draw, and each draw will definitely get several points;

3.When the total points reached to the specified number, you can receive point rewards.

4.The ranking shows the top 10 players by points and the corresponding ranking rewards will be issued via email after the event; 

5.The ranking will be updated every hour during the event.


Nation targets interface

1. Remove the "Holy Stone" icon in the main interface, add a nation goal icon in the main function area at the lower right corner, click to open the nation targets interface.

2. When the player logs in to the game for the first time every day and switches to the world map for the first time, the country target interface will pop up automatically.And add a check box. After players check it, this interface will not  pop up automatically.

3. "City position" is added to the nation target interface. After clicking this button , you can jump directly to the central city - the Fort Sagehelm in “The Third Age”, the City of Darkness in “The Fourth Age”.

Clash Warmup (P1)

1. After opening a new server, the Warm-up interface will appear directly to show the opening time of the subgoal.


1. The first opening time of the subgoal is determined by the server. From the second time, the subgoal will be turned on on the 4th day after the warm-up appears and lasts for 3 days.

2.After the subgoal is opened, players can earn points by performing the specified actions in accordance with the subgoal. The points can be obtained for different subgoals.

3.When the personal points meet all the personal goal rewards, you can enter the personal point ranking.

4. The personal point ranking will count the points of all the players on the list in the server. When the subgoal event is over, the full server personal point rewards will be issued based on the list. [br/]

5. In each subgoal event cycle, the reward will decay, so please participate and claim the reward early.

Announcement System

Announcement building

1. A new building is added to the map. "!" will be displayed on the top of the building at 4:00 server time every day or when there are unread announcements.

2. "!" will disappear when there are no unread announcements and the announcement building has been opened at least once today.

3. The main interface of the announcement will open by clicking on the announcement building. 

Login Announcement

1. After the player logs in, all announcements marked as login announcements will pop up, sort the announcements in order of priority and display the announcement with the smallest priority value.

2. The content of the announcement includes illustrations, release time, and content text.

3. Display the next or previous announcement via the button.

In-game announcement

1. The in-game announcement contains label, label names, illustrations, release time, and content text.

2. Click a different tab to switch to the corresponding announcement page.

3. All announcement tabs are arranged in priority.

4. If there is a Go button in the announcement, click to jump to the corresponding interface.

5. The announcement received for the first time is marked as unread with a red dot on its tab. It will be marked as read, and the red dot will disappear after the player has viewed it.

Vizier Pack

1. Both “The Third Age” and “The Fourth Age” will no longer issue the Vizier Daily Pack and the Vice Vizier Daily Pack, and the preview of the Capital Reward in the Vizier Election interface will no longer be displayed also.

2. The Nation icon on the main interface shows a red dot when there are packs that can be distributed by vizier.

3. Add a "Issue" button to the vizier election interface to open the  pack distribution interface. If there is a package that can be distributed, a red dot is displayed at the issue button.

4.All city lords' name will appear in the interface, Order: capital lord > county lord > township lord > fortress lord.

5.Vizier can choose a city lord of his country to send the gift package.

6. All city lords can only receive one pack. If a player has already received any  pack, it will no longer appear in the candidate list.

7. Each gift package has a limited number. If the remaining number is 0, the issue button will be grayed out and text will be changed to "Please try again a day later".

8. There are three kinds of packs - Premium, Advanced, and Intermediate. The package rewards are issued by mail.

9. The text on the issue button for non-vizier players is changed to "check the pack"