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Mysterious Tarot Event

The Mysterious Tarot Event will be online in game from May 16th - 17th. Exchange Crystal Ball and win general chips!

Event rules:

1. During the event, use gems to exchange event item "Crystal ball"; 

2. Flipping the tarot cards consumes crystal balls, and the number of crystal balls required to flip the tarot cards of different colors is different; 

3. If you successfully flip three silver-edged tarot cards and the three tarot cards can be connected in a straight line, the gold-edged tarot cards at both ends of the straight line will be unlocked; 

4. Every time you flip the tarot card, you can get a random item reward, and get a lucky number and Augury points; 

5. You can view the lucky numbers you have obtained on the "Augur's Gift". When you get all the specified numbers in the lucky combination, you can receive their corresponding rewards; 

6. The rank shows the top 10 players with accumulated augury points, and the corresponding ranking rewards will be issued by email after the event ends; 

7. The rank is updated every hour during the event. 

8. After the event, the remaining crystal balls can be reserved for the next event.